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Visit “Lost Perth” on fb if you want to see local history crowdsourcing & conversations in action

Lost Perth is my favourite local history site of the town I grew up in.  If you have no connection with this town it probably won’t resonate the way it does with the thousands of followers, but it’s worth visiting it to … Continue reading

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push button social curation – is this leading to our dumbing down or were we heading this way already? or other?

it’s just a thought that I had the other day whilst mindlessly pinning “cool things” and “dream wedding inspiration”** and “things I would do if I won the lotto” to my Pinterest account.  

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Personalisation part 3

There has been some discussion in this Blog on personalisation[1] [2] and the other side of the coin – privacy. Before going too much further there is another question to ask ‘What does the user want?’ or indeed ‘What does the … Continue reading

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online mining boom?

Following on from Nigel’s thoughts on personalisation and data mining, I have some of my own. I have traditionally regarded the core purpose of an LMS to complete daily operational tasks such as accessioning a magazine, recording borrower activity, keeping … Continue reading

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Personalisation part 2

In this era of mashups, open source, web 2.0, delivered on the pervasive smart device[1], we sometimes forget to ask why is it all there? Are services and systems like Facebook, Twitter, Google maps, Spydus, Koha, etc provided as an … Continue reading

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In the mid nineties I was fortunate to be the project manager of a large scale interactive television trial[1] (we weren’t allowed to call it a trial as the initial deployment was to 50,000 households, but as we were making some fairly … Continue reading

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