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Learning the new ‘meanings’ of ABC

Looking at the two alphabet charts, you’d be quickly be aware of which generation you grew up in. Whatever is the case, at least ‘A’ is still ‘APPLE’ . . . . . . so what will be next ?

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“Facebook” in the 16th Century

According to recent research, the modern world’s penchant for social networking may not be exclusive to this century alone. Studies into the communication habits of 16th and 17th century Italian Academies, where scholars created their own nicknames, as well as emblems and mottos to signify those with … Continue reading

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Pic-of-the-Week – Statue in Park

Did you know that a statue in a park with a soldier on a horse with its 2 feet in the air means that soldier died in combat.

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Wednesday morning pop quiz: How many bytes of storage would the Library of Babel take if it was stored in a digital format?

This was the question posed on Quora, the question and answer online community,  last Friday.

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the presentation that I didnt get to do at the SPUN conference last week

there was a point in the SPUN conference schedule where Nic from SPUN exec thought that she didnt have enough presenters for the friday afternoon session. having just returned from the library study tour to Timor-Leste (as mentioned in a previous blog … Continue reading

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30 years on (part 1) and some branded pens & notebooks, a button, a travel tag, a soiled golfball

At our offices here on Bourke St Melbourne there is a cabinet full of corporate memories. They include pens, mousemats, squishy things in the shapes of computers (stress balls I assume?), name tags, pins, etched champagne flutes, and a grass … Continue reading

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Do libraries get better with age?

A thought and an early pic of the week from Andy Graham: We recently were fortunate to host a visit to Australia and New Zealand by Nicky Parker, who is the President of the Society of Chief Librarians, UK and … Continue reading

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shameless cross promotion of a blog – timor-leste library study tour

part of being a well round and grounded library person, i reckon, is getting out and seeing libraries beyond one’s normal understanding of what a library is and does. so in order to live according to my beliefs, earlier this … Continue reading

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sorcer container of the week

call me ignorant, but until about 30 min ago I don’t think i knew* what matariki was. just to confirm my ignorance I asked Jack from development if he knew what matariki was, which of course he did because he … Continue reading

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