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BiblioTech – the First Bookless Public Library in Texas

Come Fall 2013, a new library will be opened in Bexar County, Texas, providing visitors with a bank of e-Readers for borrowing e-books … obviously books of the traditional paper variety will be glaringly absent.  This project marks the first … Continue reading

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Pic-of-the-Week: iPhone 5 and beyond

Since the release of iPhone 5, this picture image has been going viral all over the Internet (at least with the Chinese netizens) and I did have a good laugh when I first saw it. Entertaining to say the least.

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D: All Things Digital Conference Video : Steve Jobs Memorial

The D: All Things Digital conference (D10) took place between 29 – 31 May 2012 in New York City. The D Conference focuses on talks with industry’s top players through unscripted conversations about the impact digital technology will have on … Continue reading

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Pic-of-the-Week – Steve Jobs

It has been 6 months since the death of Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder and former CEO. Fans, artists and designers have found creative ways to pay tribute to him.

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Best Social Media Applications for 2012

Ever felt like you are drowning in the sea of tweets, RSS feeds and apps, and wished that you have a better way of identifying which are good and which are not? Well, here are a couple of links that … Continue reading

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Comparison of e-Readers and Tablets

With iOS, Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 becoming the clear top three mobile OS, the e-readers and tablet warfare is brewing with contenders finding success by securing new footholds and partnerships to compete against Apple’s dominance. Users who are looking for … Continue reading

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Mobile Libraries – part 2

Mobile devices have made Mobile Libraries something new – where there is network connectivity a librarian can issue and return books, they can sign up borrowers, they can make reservations and handle renewals.  So now a mobile library can be … Continue reading

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He Changed The World!

By the time you read this post, Walter Isaacson’s biography on Steve Jobs would have hit the street. It is scheduled to be released on 24 Oct 2011 (US time).There have been so much written all over the Internet about … Continue reading

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Pic of the Week – The Original Apple

Do you know that this was Apple Inc’s very first company logo?

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Down the Apple Memory Lane

Steve Jobs’ resignation last week got me tracking down memory lane and can’t help but sigh how fast time really flies. This is the Apple II, my first love, which was the very first commercially successful product from Apple Computer (now … Continue reading

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