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Of Androids, Blackberries, iPhones, Nokias and the rest

18 months ago we launched tools for librarians on iOS platforms – iPhone, iPad, iPod.  A little later we added consumer tools, again on the iOS platform.  Last month we released consumer tools on the Android platform. 

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Sorcer container of the quarter

I’m reviving the Sorcer container themed post for a Friday dose of reader advisory.

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sorcer container of the week

it’s that time of the year again, when it’s always dark, and icy winds blow through the city, and everyone gets out their best black winter clothes to layer up in. and SAD – seasonal affective disorder – sets in. … Continue reading

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sorcer container of the week

call me ignorant, but until about 30 min ago I don’t think i knew* what matariki was. just to confirm my ignorance I asked Jack from development if he knew what matariki was, which of course he did because he … Continue reading

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Personalisation part 3

There has been some discussion in this Blog on personalisation[1] [2] and the other side of the coin – privacy. Before going too much further there is another question to ask ‘What does the user want?’ or indeed ‘What does the … Continue reading

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Sorcer Container of the Week

My ‘Sorcer container of the week’ goes to the folk at Hutt City for their Complete idiots guides  container. Everything you ever needed to know, from acoustic guitar to ventriloquism, to impress friends, colleagues, even strangers with your worldly knowledge … Continue reading

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Sorcer 1.4

This week we released Sorcer 1.4.  This release adds eBook support and better handling of mobile devices as well as addressing some PRs.  Sorcer 1.4 is supported on  Spydus 853 and higher

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