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Of Androids, Blackberries, iPhones, Nokias and the rest

18 months ago we launched tools for librarians on iOS platforms – iPhone, iPad, iPod.  A little later we added consumer tools, again on the iOS platform.  Last month we released consumer tools on the Android platform. 

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The Trend Setter

I often wonder how fashion designers get inspired. I see men wearing jeans half way down their bottoms, I wonder if jeans were designed to be worn fashionably that way. Or was it an idea someone came up with when … Continue reading

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Two phones and a barcode

One of the neat things that can be done with smart phone applications is storing barcodes. Other smart phone applications can read barcodes.  Put the two together and you get

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Sorcer container of the quarter

I’m reviving the Sorcer container themed post for a Friday dose of reader advisory.

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Evolution not revolution part 2

I have got into the habit of announcing product releases on this Blog, this isn’t in line with the Blog rules so I should probably stop. However, at the Australian SPUN conference last week I announced Spydus 8.6.2 together with … Continue reading

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I never thought that I would be reviewing a paper on library stats so this is a first

subtitle: go forth and concatenate Whilst this year’s Library & Learning Travel Grant winner Phil Minchin is currently in the US on his dream gamer research trip, last year’s winner Jamie Normington has been busy putting the final touches of … Continue reading

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Evolution not Revolution

Recently we released version 8.6.1 of Spydus – our flagship product.  This represents the first release within the sixth version of the seventh major revamp of our library product. Since I have been with Civica we have released 12 versions … Continue reading

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Log in By Username…..

I like this feature in our Spydus. You just need to register a username when you sign up for library membership. After that, you just need to enter this usernameto get connected to your library.

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sorcer container of the week

it’s that time of the year again, when it’s always dark, and icy winds blow through the city, and everyone gets out their best black winter clothes to layer up in. and SAD – seasonal affective disorder – sets in. … Continue reading

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Viewing reviews

My local library uses Syndetics — so once you’re at the Brief or Full Display you can click on the cover image to pop up a new window with additional information — e.g. summary, author notes and, best of all, … Continue reading

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