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Of Androids, Blackberries, iPhones, Nokias and the rest

18 months ago we launched tools for librarians on iOS platforms – iPhone, iPad, iPod.  A little later we added consumer tools, again on the iOS platform.  Last month we released consumer tools on the Android platform. 

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Do computers and classrooms mix?

I gave a speech at a conference last month on this topic.  After some thought I came up with both a short answer and a long answer

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Security in Libraries – the new frontier

A few weeks ago The Age ran a story Defence secrets stolen at airport.  An Australian Major General’s aid had some copies of “Australian Eyes Only”documents on a thumb drive he put in a back back which went as checked … Continue reading

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Two phones and a barcode

One of the neat things that can be done with smart phone applications is storing barcodes. Other smart phone applications can read barcodes.  Put the two together and you get

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Mobile Libraries – part 2

Mobile devices have made Mobile Libraries something new – where there is network connectivity a librarian can issue and return books, they can sign up borrowers, they can make reservations and handle renewals.  So now a mobile library can be … Continue reading

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Mobile Libraries

It used to be easy.  A mobile library was a lorry or van that came by occasionally.  The lorry had a selection of books on board together with a librarian and the patron could borrow and return books.  As a … Continue reading

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Evolution not revolution part 2

I have got into the habit of announcing product releases on this Blog, this isn’t in line with the Blog rules so I should probably stop. However, at the Australian SPUN conference last week I announced Spydus 8.6.2 together with … Continue reading

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SPUN 2011 – games

This week marks the annual Australian SPUN (Spydus User Network) conference, this year it is a 3 day conference with delegates coming from all over Australia to the conference venue – the Boulevard hotel Sydney. The Boulevard is famous or … Continue reading

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How to break a Kindle

In January this year I bought a Kindle for about $200 including p&p.  Amazon delivered it in much less than a week to the Melbourne office. I really liked my Kindle and bought books, downloaded free books, used the one … Continue reading

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Evolution not Revolution

Recently we released version 8.6.1 of Spydus – our flagship product.  This represents the first release within the sixth version of the seventh major revamp of our library product. Since I have been with Civica we have released 12 versions … Continue reading

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