Welcome to 2013, follow us in pictures

Welcome to 2013, friends!

This year Civica Library & Learning is participating in the Fickr Picture a Day Challenge, with the aim to document our life in both Australia and Singapore. We’ve got a team of happy snappers ready to take pics and show you what’s it’s *really like* working for Civica ;).

2013PAD has library participants from around the world – it’s not too late for you to also sign up if you’re into that kind of thing.

Our first pic, to be honest, was taken out of complete desperation – it was a public holiday so wasn’t particularly interested in thinking about Civica and work. I was on the MRT on the way to the video store to return some non videos when I looked down and the person sitting next to me, my holiday companion,  was wearing a blue* Civica lanyard over a blue shirt, making a pleasing to the eye combination (the shirt + lanyard and not particularly the person).

Hence our first photo to 2013PAD “Civica Blue on Blue”:


*personally I think it is Civica purple but I can’t seem to convince some others that that is the case

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Emerald Leung, Sales & Marketing Manager for Civica LLD based in Singapore.
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