Younger Americans’ Reading and Library Habits

The Pew Research Center, released the findings of a recent survey on Americans last month as part of a study on how e-books may have change the reading landscape and libraries among Americans ages 16 and older.

This report on readers between the ages of 16 and 29, a target interest group in the library and publishing world, revealed some interesting results.  These include :

  • 83% of surveyed Americans read a book in the past year with 75% read
    a print book, 19% read an e-book, and 11% listened to an audiobook.
  • Among the e-book readers, the cell phone (41%) or computer (55%) ruled over e-readers such as Kindle (23%) or tablet (16%).
  • With the availability of e-content, 40% of e-content readers under age 30 indicated that they are now reading more compared to 28% of the older e-content readers.
  • Many of the young readers do not know they can borrow an e-book from a library, and a majority of them express the wish they could do so on pre-loaded e-readers.

The full report is available here here.

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