Library 2.012 Worldwide Virtual Conference


The Library 2.012 Worldwide Virtual Conference took place over the course of two days from 3rd – 5th October 2012.
Founded last year by the School of Library Information Science (SLIS) at San Jose State University, this is an annual event that hopes to bring librarians and professionals alike together virtually to participate in a global conversation on the current and future state of libraries.
This year’s subject strands include:

STRAND 1: Libraries – Physical and Virtual Learning Spaces
Strand Tag:  “2.012Libraries”
Example Topics:
– Learning commons
– Community centers
– New literacies: digital literacy, visual literacy, media literacy, information literacy
– Serving distributed and distance users
– The library as a space versus the library as a service
– Gaming spaces

STRAND 2: Librarians & Information Professionals – Evolving Professional Roles in Today’s World

Strand Tag:  “2.012Librarians”
Example Topics:
Library and Information professional careers in a networked and changing world
– Embedded librarians
– Applying library and information science skills in a non library environment
– Advocacy and building influence (professionally and institutionally)
– Library privatization
– Kinds of leadership skills needed in libraries in the 21st century
– Multilingual information management
– Retooling/continuing professional development

STRAND 3: Content & Creation – Organizing and Creating Information

Strand Tag:  “2.012ContentCreation”
Example Topics:-
– Social organization of information
– Subject gateways, online catalogs, and portals
– Metadata: creation, storage, management, dissemination, harvesting and aggregating
– Library automation / management software / integrated library systems
– From information consumption to digital  co-creation and production
– Digital copyright and licensing
– Open Source Software
– Digital curation
– Oral history
STRAND 4: Changing Delivery Methods
Strand Tag:  “2.012Delivery”
Example Topics:
– e-Books
– Social networking media for outreach and service promotion
– Changing roles of publishers
– Working with vendors in the digital age
– Measuring and assessing: determining the effectiveness of new service delivery methods
– Outsourcing
– Digital repositories

STRAND 5: User Centered Access
Strand Tag:  “2.012Access”
Example Topics:
– Participatory service
– Cultural diversity issues
– Multilingual populations/services
– Services for people with disabilities
– Conflicts between privacy and freedom of speech in a hyperlinked world
– Measuring and assessing access
– Search engines and search engine optimization
STRAND 6: Mobile and Geo-Social Information Environments
Strand Tag:  “2.012Mobile”
Example Topics:
– Location-based mobile social networks
– Mobile apps and delivery
– QR Codes
– Augmented reality
– Smart Objects

The recordings for all these sessions (a total of 163 presentations) are now available via this link. If you are also interested in the 2011 inaugural conference’s recordings, they are available here.

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