Have you tried to make a storybook yourself or with your friends?

When we initially launched the ‘Make a story book’ inter-school competition in July 2012, we really had no idea about what to expect. Student teams had been asked to both write an original story and also create illustrations to produce a physical copy of a book.

As we started looking at the submitted entries, we were amazed by the variety of the themes covered in the stories – from protecting the trees, letters to fallen war comrades and writing a diary for a dog.

We were also impressed by the quality of the artwork that illustrated the stories. These ranged from simple pencil sketches that enhanced the story line to Manga-styled comics and others that included extra features such as pop-outs and even movable objects.

Each entry clearly demonstrated uniqueness in its own individual way, whether this was in the quality of the story line or the illustrations. While the judging process resulted in three winners being chosen in each of the categories, it was decided to also award a special mention to one entry that made an everlasting impression on the judges.

The Programmes Team has since had the opportunity to visit a number of schools to present vouchers and certificates to the winning teams. Entries submitted by Pasir Ris Secondary School earned the two top winning places for the secondary school category.

During the prize presentation at the school, the students were given the opportunity to share their reflections and the learning process with the rest of the student population. It was great to meet the students and experience first-hand their enthusiasm and pride in their achievements.

We hope that students have enjoyed the experience of working as part of a team, with members able to contribute different, but equally important, skills to the process, depending on their individual strengths and talents. Here at Civica, we thoroughly enjoyed discovering the creativity in each and every submission and we also truly appreciate the obvious hard work and effort that each entry reflected.

~Suhanya, on behalf of Civica’s Programmes Team.

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