Professor Macksey’s Library – A book lover’s haven

Professor Richard Macksey is the Professor of Humanities and Co-founder and longtime Director of the Humanities Center at The Johns Hopkins University.  An icon at Johns Hopkins, Professor Macksey has been honored in many ways for his outstanding teaching ability and dedication as well as his contributions to the Humanities, not to mention his famed graduate-level seminars which were conducted in his home library.

Professor Macksey reads and writes in six languages! He has published fiction as well as poetry, written translations for many academic works, and edited leading journals.  He has amassed a remarkable personal library of more than 70,000 volumes due to his love of literature and the arts. Estimated at U$4 million, this collection was donated to the Johns Hopkins Sheridan Libraries in honor of his late wife, Catherine, also a John Hopkins professor. Hold your jaws as you watch the video below.

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  1. vicTor K says:

    Truly his life is surrounded by books. Wonderfully many of his students have benefitted from him and marvelled by his collection and knowledge. Truly we are awesomely thrilled and inspired too with all he had done. . . .

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