How well do you ‘Know Your Country?’

Here I am!!! All set to get the ball rolling and introduce you to some of the exciting library programmes being envisioned, developed and run by Civica’s Programmes Team.

Learning is everywhere and cannot be contained within a classroom or a library for that matter. Exploratory learning is a key aspect which can be experimented more in any learning environment.

Bearing this in mind and in Civica’s continued effort to make learning more exciting, Civica’s Programmes Team recently organised an Inter-School competition across Singapore’s Secondary schools titled ‘Know Your Country’, in an effort to bring the library programmes outside the library for a change. The competition was an ‘amazing race’ style event in which teams searched the environment of Fort Canning Park to find the answers to a series of questions related to Singapore’s history.

A total of 9 teams turned up on the day, each team consisting of 3 students and one teacher. The teams set off with much enthusiasm and after spent close to an hour and a half searching and finding facts.

The competition was aimed to foster teamwork, encourage an appreciation of the beauty and significance of Singapore’s National Parks, and to create a window through which students can view and learn about details of Singapore’s history in a fun and challenging way.

Teams raced against the clock to record the fastest time to correctly complete the set of questions and tasks.

The three winning teams were

East Spring Secondary School

Yuying Secondary School

Dunman High School

The winners were awarded with medals and trophies. All students who participated in the competition were awarded participation certificates too.

Overall, It was a fun learning experience for the students as well as for us at Civica!

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