Arda unearthed?

In a scene that could quite easily pass for the legendary, unmarred landscape that Tolkien may have had in mind, the ‘Supertrees’ of Singapore’s “Gardens by the Bay” rise magnificently up to 50 metres above the ground.

Supertrees… fantasy into reality

The ‘trees include built-in, environmentally sustainable, features such as photovoltaic cells that serve to harvest solar energy. The ‘trees outer trunk are covered with planting panels that comprise over 160,000 plants of more than 200 species and varieties of bromeliads, orchids, ferns and tropical flowering climbers. At night, the ‘trees ‘come alive’ with a spectacular light and music extravaganza.

In a tiny City-state where natural forest and woodland areas are increasingly under threat, the Supertrees, for some, represents a somewhat expensive, rather ironic, tilt at promoting environmental sustainability and responsibility.

However, natural they may not be, but they do, at least, share a created, crafted and purposeful origin, akin the world that Tolkien had envisioned and understood.

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  1. Victor K says:

    Surely well put it as we need to survive as a country without much land. Definitely we can’t just utilize every inch we have to build our living areas. As such we need nature among us as it cushion off that hard concrete structure feeling we face everywhere. It may not be liked an Amazon forest but a good variety of plant species have already given us that comfort. The sparkling lights coupled with the appropriate shining of colored lighting give that ambience of fantasy wonderland.. . . . Well that is night fantasy . . . Whereas in the day, sunshine is everywhere with the fragrance of nature and sense of oxygen from the plants around. A great place to break away from the casino opposite. . . .BACK TO NATURE … Oops ! Among nature rather . . .

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