Pic-of-the-Week – Self Illumination

This is really an awesome piece of art!!! Well done, Andre Kutscherauer. The German computer graphic artist has won many awards in his field and I am really looking forward to more of his work. Not only is the image very well rendered, it also carries a little sense of humour and kind of philosophical.
A light bulb trying to illuminate itself? Technically, it may not even make sense, where is the energy coming from? (He is only probably going to self-destruct once the power is on!)
However, in the human context, one does sometimes require some external help to bring out the shine that’s hidden within, like a diamond awaiting to be polished. Or perhaps, if you were to look at it from the other extreme, is this an illustration of one’s ego and desire for self-fulfilment?
Whatever it is, I love it, a brilliant piece of work. Here are some sites for more of Andre Kutscherauer’s work – Kutsche Deviantart and ak3d
Self Illumination by Andre Kutscherauer

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  1. Victor K says:

    Truly is a great piece of illustration. Is one which provoke survival and excelling through sourcing out relevant and appropriate support. Just as the bulb to prove its worth and doing what is best, it source out the power supply to support its achievement. …. or is it the next TRANSFORMER movie !! ha ha….

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