The London Library

In the face of all the changes in technology and library design trends, let’s not forget the many traditional libraries that are still standing tall and serving its customers well.
The below is a video done by The London Library and the mere look of all the shelves, the books and even the stairs brings back an old warm mesmeric charm (my last visit was in the early 1990s) that modern libraries will never be able to replace.

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  1. Vcitor K says:

    Surely that charm and the fragrance of books never can be replaced in the hearts of many who have visited such Libraries. As i would agree that awesome view of such magnificent Libraries is an experience which no one can teach or can express enough (I experienced such myself in England in the 1990s too). However we must also agree technology is here to provide us with the leverage of getting information faster in this digital arena. As such in our services, we are standing in the gap, bridging the traditional setting of libraries with the enjoyment of holding a book in your hand and flipping each page with the feel of the texture of pages in satisfaction ; and the futuristic digital world of technology, getting information with just a few mouse click on the computer.

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