Infographic – The world of mobile phones

Here are two infographics that give different perspectives about the mobile world.

Without much doubt, it is a market that will take a long while for us to see any sign of saturation in the horizon.

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1 Response to Infographic – The world of mobile phones

  1. Victor K says:

    Yes i do agree to that. Saturation will surely takes a long long while or even not so possible to happen as being driven by new gadget, new apps, new function, new techonology, etc, for it. Even till the day when everyone already has one on hand, still they will also be looking at another one in the shops or any great promotional deals for ‘upgrade’. Well the day will comes when we can and will do everything and anything with the mobile device, from acquiring information to remote control, from a torch light to self-defending item, etc. . . . well, probably is already happening ….

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