Infographic – An E-Book Nation

E-Book NationResearch from Pew this year found that 21% of adults had read a e-book in the last year, compared to 17% in December.  While printed books remain the top choice for readers, those reading e-books with e-content were reportedly found to be spending more time reading. You can download the full report from my earlier post The Rise of E-Reading.

So what do we know about our e-book readers? Here’s an infographic that presents the findings.

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  1. Victor K says:

    Well not disputing it as a growing trend. However, not all holding that device with the e-book on it is a reader. They may be driven by technology to be in fashion like as those they are in the fore-runner of digital gadget stuff, or mere curosity. Surely in the digital arena coupled with the internet freedom, accessibility and mobility, it make searching easier and convenient. Nevertheless, if is a reader one will still read disregard whether e-book or printed one. Well, still, holding a printed book others will know you are reading … but with that gadget, you may be perceived to be playing games, surfing the net, or watching movie … Well, the ‘E’ thing will be here to stay and growing as ‘ET’ had came to check it out and went home to report, that Earth is the right place to be ‘E’-ed.

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