Germany’s Crystal – The Stuttgart City Library

With a long construction period of some 14 years, the Stuttgart City Library in southern Germany finally unveiled its beauty on 21 October last year. The project covering a plot area of 3,201 m² was won by Yi Architects in 1999 through a design competition, with a total cost of €79.0 million.

Designed by architect Eun Young Yi, this is a library that is not only bold in its architectural design but also draws a lot of design inspiration from historical sources, with the heart and core of the library following the design of the ancient pantheon. The building takes the form of cube that is framed by an array of 9×9 frosted glass bricks on all four sides. It appears as a crystalline white cube in the day and glows in bright blue at night. The interior gallery reading area is a five story space surrounded by a shell of books.

Words cannot fully describe the beauty in the simplicity of this library, so you should visit this link to appreciate it for yourself – More pictures here.
Here’s a video tour of the Stuttgart City Library:

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  1. Victor K says:

    Wow !! .. surely is spectacular and amazing of such magnificent view n space of a Library. Well can we have one too ???

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