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Pic-of-the-Week – Self Illumination

This is really an awesome piece of art!!! Well done, Andre Kutscherauer. The German computer graphic artist has won many awards in his field and I am really looking forward to more of his work. Not only is the image … Continue reading

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The London Library

In the face of all the changes in technology and library design trends, let’s not forget the many traditional libraries that are still standing tall and serving its customers well.

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Library Design – The Changing Face

BCI Eurobib is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of library furniture and accessories and they do have a good and comprehensive range of products that can meet libaries’ need. Provided you have a good budget to support your requirements … Continue reading

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Pic-of-the-Week – Fat or Money

Important decisions that we sometimes overlooked in life – Fat or Money?

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Envisioning emerging technologies for 2012 and beyond

Having a hard time keeping abreast with technological development and wished that you have a crystal ball in front of you?

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Infographic – The world of mobile phones

Here are two infographics that give different perspectives about the mobile world. Without much doubt, it is a market that will take a long while for us to see any sign of saturation in the horizon.

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Happy Birthday Singapore!

We took a quick break from our work yesterday to take part in a pre National Day photoshoot. It’s Singapore’s 47th  birthday today so we’re taking the day off to  spend time with family and friends.

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Infographic – Components of a 21st Century Classroom

Based on the findings from various research surveys in U.S. (check out the sources at the bottom right of the infographic), an Australian-based online course company Open Colleges developed this infographic, giving you with a pictorial understanding of where we are today in … Continue reading

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Infographic – An E-Book Nation

Research from Pew this year found that 21% of adults had read a e-book in the last year, compared to 17% in December.  While printed books remain the top choice for readers, those reading e-books with e-content were reportedly found … Continue reading

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Pic-of-the-Week – Which Stage Are You At?

Finding this familiar? You are better off with the Nike way – Just Do It!

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