The Global eBook Market 2011: Current Conditions and Future Projections

This global ebook market report takes a look at the emerging ebook markets across Europe and two BRIC countries: Brazil and China as compared to the more mature ebook markets in the United States and United Kingdom. The study portrays, for each market, characteristic developments and distinct features, such as regulatory and cultural parameters, the impact of global players, such as Amazon, Google, Apple, Sony, and Kobo, as well as an outlook on trends and patterns as they take shape.
The findings identify the main drivers of digital change in the publishing industry as well as a wide array of local factors – from market sizes through tax and pricing regimes to cultural choices – that each market presented with its unique defining traits.
These different parameters resulted in variations between the markets, of which some may be temporary and others which most likely will persist and remain relevant for the mid-term (three to five years) and the long-term (!ve to ten years) periods ahead. Each of these sets of parameters, and combinations  thereof, will not only affect each market’s ebook evolution  but will also frame the interplay of domestic and global factors as they encourage either globalizing or more differentiating forces.
The main drivers of differentiation as identified in the market profiles of this study include the key characteristics of the existing print book market and key market parameters, including:

  • Regulatory frameworks
  • Pricing strategies for ebook receptiveness for foreign (English) reading
  • Receptiveness for foreign (English) reading
  • Preferred ereading platforms and related reading

Download the full report here.

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