National Library of Public Information, Taichung, Taiwan

Image Courtesy of JJ Pan & Partners

Designed by J.J. Pan and Partners, the National Library of Public Information in Taichung, Taiwan was completed recently. With some 41,797 sq m of floor space spread across 7 floors (two of them were underground), the Euro 53million project’s curvaceous concept is said to reflect the ‘free flow of information’ within the library, symboling the “stream of knowledge” as the architects puts it, with each of the five above ground storeys taking its interior design cue from the corresponding exterior view, such as clouds, tree trunks, the city skyline and so forth. Additional sustainable measures include integrated insulation within the long, curved exterior composite wall system to lower the amount of heat lost, generous glazed panels and horizontal inclining windows to encourage users to utilise natural as opposed to artificial light, and recessed volumes on the ground floor and underground public reading room which facilitate natural air convection. The design also incorporates a rainwater recycling system to reduce the building’s dependency on excess energy.
More details and images available here.

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