An Unconventional Library – The K.I.D.S. Corner Library

Here’s another unconventional library that has been taking root in New York – “The K.I.D.S. Corner Library”.
Originally started by sculpture artist Colin McMullan with his “The Kindness and Imagination Development Society (K.I.D.S)”, the little weather-proof sheds are located along sidewalks to encourage the sharing of ideas and information within a local community. The K.I.D.S. Corner Library that is located at the corner of Leonard and Withers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn even has got a website listing the titles that are currently held in the Brooklyn Corner Library.

I commend the efforts and ideas behind K.I.D.S. for attempting to constantly remind ourselves of the pure innocence, curiousity, creativity, sincerity and unbounded energy level that were once part of us.  With the coming of adulthood and all, we seemed to have lost many of these wonderful traits which had filled many of our hopes and dreams in the past.  The Corner Library is not just a library, it is a reminder to all that the world is what WE made of it and we can make it a better place by taking little steps, starting by sharing with our friends and neighbours.

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