Strasbourg Public Library in France

Remember my “Big Red Ribbon Library”? Well, here’s another library that also uses a strong flash of red to mark its character – The Strasbourg Public Library in France.

This 18,000 sqm media library which is said to be the largest public library in eastern France opened in September 2008 and was formerly the Seegmuller grain warehouse located on the pier. This cultural building, costing a total of 64.5 million euros, carries some 20 km length of shelves, 1000 seats, some 35000 CDs/DVDs and 102 multimedia stations along with other facilities such as reading rooms, exhibition room, auditorium, cafeteria, archives, etc.

The architect firm Ibos/Vitart did a good job in converting the original boring concrete industrial building into a pretty nice library by including glass and metal along with a bold flash of broad red riboons across many areas. The original silo was retained to form the library entrance. More pictures of Strasbourg Public Library available on the architect’s website here.

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