Of Androids, Blackberries, iPhones, Nokias and the rest

18 months ago we launched tools for librarians on iOS platforms – iPhone, iPad, iPod.  A little later we added consumer tools, again on the iOS platform.  Last month we released consumer tools on the Android platform. 

This month we are adding extra commissioning tools to Sorcer mobile on Android and iOS platforms.  We are also adding workflows to manage delivery of reserved physical items to borrowers.

Rica’s interesting piece Current Trends in Smartphones and Tablet Industry really makes the point that mobile devices are growing in use at an extraordinary pace.  Libraries and smart mobile devices are a natural fit – borrow or reserve an item and you just get it, either as a download or as physical delivery or as a pickup from your library.

The technology change from ‘what are we provided by our employer at work’ to ‘what do we choose to use’ is perhaps analogous to the change from the rigid dress codes of the past to today’s somewhat less formal approach.

I don’t really wonder that much any more about which technology platforms are important!

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