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I mentioned in my earlier posts that I will attempt to explore a little with infographics and share some of my findings. After ploughing through several websites about creating your own infographics, I have come to the conclusion that it is best to leave it to the professionals.:-(
However, I did come across a couple of useful and interesting stuff (applications, tools, etc.) relating to infographics and will share them with you. So here we go.

First and foremost, lets start with data.  The very fundamental thing that any infographic needs to have is data and by that I mean reliable data. Within your own areas of expertise, I am sure you would be able to generate or locate the data that you want.  And under the open government initiative, more and more government bodies are easing up and allowing transparent public access to the raw data sets to encourage research and application development. Look at the list below and see how much government data are already in the public domain:

United States – This US website provides you with 800+ datasets from at least 49 different US government agencies.
Australia – A total of 858 data sets from some 110 agencies are availabe at
New South Wales – These NSW data sets are from 24 NSW government agencies.
New Zealand – Todate, some 1,758 NZ datasets have been made available.
United Kingdom – More than 8,000 UK data sets from various UK government agencies are available for public reuse.
Singapore – Launched in June 2011, the site currently has some 5,000 datasets from 50 government ministries.
If you are looking for data pertaining to specific states in the UK or US, try the Guardian data store for world government data.

But do you really know how much data you and I are generating? Sit tight and take a look:

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