The big red ribbon in Hjoerring Public Library

This is a wonderful time of the year where you (or perhaps more we in Singapore) enjoy a continuous flow of festive moods. First it was Christmas (25 & 26 Dec), then we had celebrations for the New Year (01 & 02 Jan), and then we have our Chinese Lunar New Year (23 & 24 Jan).
All the festive goodies, beautifully ribboned and wrapped presents, red “angpows” (packets signifying good luck so as to ward off evil spirits), etc. led my thoughts to the big red ribbon in Hjoerring Public Library in Denmark.

This 5,000 sq m library which opened in April 2008 is part of the Metropol Shopping Centre and has a very unique feature – a red ribbon linking up all the rooms and departments in the library. Running like a bloodline across the library, sometimes it is on the floor, sometimes it is on the ceiling,  sometimes it is a table and sometimes it is a bench, and at other times it winds its way around you, as if attempting to sweep you off your feet along its way. Bosch & Fjord, the visual artists in this project, did an excellent job in making the library a playful and appealing place.  Here are 3 videos about the Hjoerring Public Library:

This is an interesting 3-min timelapse video which combines some 10,800 photos (out of the 35,000 photos taken) showing you how the library was put together in 3 weeks from the moment the first shelf arrives.

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