Cars can talk to cars within next 5 years

Imagine the scene from the movie “Cars” where cars talk to one another. Well this scene isn’t going to be that distance after all.  According to Ford Motor, cars will be able to talk to cars soon.

Using a new version of wi-fi known as “Dedicated Short-range Communication” and other technologies (and yes, you guessed it, Intel is one of them) which allows for instantenous starting and breaking of connection, cars will be able to start communicating with another automatically when on the move. This new technology is expected to be within “market reach” once more automobile players come together within the next two to five years.
Watch this Forbes video for more details.

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  1. Andy Johnson says:

    This make me believe that we will have less accidents and less traffic as soon as this technology become prevalent. Hopefully it works out and advances quickly.

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