The Flying Car is here!

Named The Transition, this flying-driving vehicle is a light weight airplane that has been approved for the road as well. With custom designed airfoil and foldable wings, this thing can get you from your airport to your home in no time. One catch though – you need to keep your weight down below 110 lbs before you can qualify to drive this vehicle. In the sky, it can hit 115 km/hr and on the road it is 185 km/hr and it takes less than 30 seconds to transit itself from a plane to a car.
The first Transition is expected to hit the road (eh.., sky, whatever) in late 2012.

The brains behind the Transition – Terrafugia (ter-ra-FOO-gee-ah), founded in 2006 by award-winning MIT-trained aeronautical engineers and MBA’s who also happen to be passionate private pilots.

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  1. Sam says:

    Hm, I would like to see one of this on the road 🙂 Still it looks a bit clumsy to me. Can you drive such a vehicle with standard driving lincense or do you need to be a pilot too? 🙂
    I think this is the same car: Flying car
    regards, Sam

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