The accidental commuter, uh, tourist

Mr. Jonathan woke up feeling something exciting was waiting for him this day.  The excitement and anticipation was brewing inside him, he just knew his calling was soon to arrive.  He got himself ready, packed his breakfast and burst out the door, with camera in hand.  With a craving to be spontaneous, Jonathan walked inadvertently to the train station and traveled west on Singapore’s East/ West MRT line.  The train dashed further and further westward, station to station.
The accidental commuter, uh, tourist

The accidental commuter, uh, tourist

The ride started out as a pleasant one, but [very] soon the crowds started to enter by the herd.  Everyone was squished; faces pressed up against the windows and iPhones alike.  When the number of passengers finally reached critical mass, Jonathan found himself involuntarily ejected at the Outram Park station.

After finding his footing and regaining his balance, Jonathan needed fresh air, “Mount Faber?” He said to himself. Nostalgia overtook him as he remembered the recent teambuilding walk with his Civica colleagues on the picturesque Southern Ridges Trail, in Southern Singapore.  He recalled the nine kilometers of green, open spaces, canopy walks and unique bridges spanning the hills of Mount Faber Park, overlooking Sentosa, to Kent Ridge Park, near the National University of Singapore.  As he made his way toward the cable car ride that links the mainland with the island resort of Sentosa, he smiled at all the [not so many] people he passed on his way.  With his camera dangling from his neck, he chuckled to himself as the thought of how much better it was to be an ‘accidental tourist’, and not a commuter, in his own town. His next thought? “Why isn’t this thing moving…?”

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