a month of big and important numbers

**we had our 10,000th page view on this blog the other day.

**Frank Austin celebrates his 30th and final year with Civica and decides to call it a day. That’s dedication, and we’re holding an event in his honour later this week. In preparation for this staff have been combing the archives looking for images and great (safe for public) stories. If you’ve got a good story please let us know. Frank if you are reading this blog close your ears, nothing to see here.

**NMIT Library in Melbourne will also celebrate the 30 year mark with Spydus in its many forms at the Vic SPUN meeting this Friday. NMIT was one of the very first installations of what is now called Spydus.

Unlike Frank, who has chosen to go four wheel driving for the undetermined future, NMIT have chosen to continue with Civica and we are thankful for that.  Please return to this blog for more on these two 30 year milestones, and also please continue to help us increase our pageview stats. Thanks.

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Emerald Leung, Sales & Marketing Manager for Civica LLD based in Singapore.
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