Sorcer container of the quarter

I’m reviving the Sorcer container themed post for a Friday dose of reader advisory.

My original choices  were  “Tatoos and tattooing”  (Hutt City Libraries) as a great source of inpiration for my next ink, and also  Port Phillip’s “eBooks – feel free to download and keep forever” container.

But then I saw  Hutt’s “Forensic fiction – CSI on paper” and being a closet fan (not closet anymore I’ve just told the Internet) of cheesy American crime shows I was drawn to the suggestions of what I could read after I had watched the complete Criminal Minds and NCIS (franchise) over the xmas break.

What I particularly liked about the titles featured was that many included a review that had been added from the book jacket or elsewhere. It made the decision making process easier – an attention grabbing cover combined with an unrealistic and crazy plot on the same page:

The Consciousness Plague is about memory – more particularly, how the loss of memory, in slivers of time deducted from a growing number of individuals, can subtly undermine and play havoc with everything from the investigation of serial stranglings to candlelight dinners. Dr. D’Amato, NYPD forensic detective, investigates a spate of unusual cases of memory loss and finds evidence of a bacteria-like organism that has lived in our brains since our origin as a species and may be responsible for our very consciousness.

I’ve asked Hutt to share the boolean for this container and will update the post when I have it, which is now here:

It’s a canned search using an Anywhere for Keywords forensic+fiction and the format BK*Books so I didn’t have to worry about identifying specific collections.  Sorted by Item First Available Date.

/cgi-bin/sorcer.exe/ENQ/#DB/BIBENQ?ENTRY_NAME=BS&ENTRY=forensic+fiction&BFRMT=BK*Books&NRECS=50&SORTS=ITMFADTE&XSLT=XGalleryDisplay.xsl &SETLVL=SET&FMT=GD

Good work Hutt for your Sorcer Container of the Quarter.

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