Cat meets Kev at the Telstra Business Women’s Awards

You might already know that Cathryn Harris from Mount Gambier Library was the SA winner of the Innovation category for the 2011 Telstra Business Women’s Awards.  Last night the national finals were held in Melbourne, and Civica staff (myself and Rimma Help Desk team leader) were honoured to be Cathryn’s “plus ones”.

Whilst Cathryn did not win the final – the national winner of the Innovation category developed technology to reduce carbon-emissions during steel production and recycle end-of-life materials that would otherwise go to landfill  (it was clearly tough competition) – she said that the highlight of the evening was meeting the Rudds, so nothing else mattered anyway.

Throughout the night various references were made to the Mount Gambier library by the speakers and judges, so it is clear that whilst she was not the official ‘Ms Innovation 2011’ she did leave a lasting impression which would perhaps give her the ‘People’s Choice Award’ if such thing existed.

At Civica we’d like to congratuate Cathryn for making it to the finals in this prestegious and highly competitive award that recognises outstanding women in both public and private sectors.

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Emerald Leung, Sales & Marketing Manager for Civica LLD based in Singapore.
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