national gaming day Saturday Nov 12

most of you will/should know that our latest winner of the Civica Library & Learning Travel Grant recently took a junket journey to the US in search of libraries and games. he sure did find them, and many of us heard about his experience at the annual SPUN conference in sydney last month.

i know that Phil has been keeping busy in his spare time writing his VALA 2o12 presentation which is based around his games holiday study tour (make sure you go, i reckon it will be fun as well as highly educational) but he has also recently been published in some US library journals:

but the main reason for this post is to plug NATIONAL GAMING DAY on Saturday Nov 12. Phil has organised an event at the state library of victoria for this day, so if you want to see what it is all about come along. Drop him an email if you want more info.

Saturday November 12, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Experimedia Room, SLV

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5 Responses to national gaming day Saturday Nov 12

  1. Phil Minchin says:

    Technically, as I understand it, a junket is where ALL my expenses are paid – so presumably that means I can invoice you for all the expenses that I had to cover myself? Awesome! It’s in the mail. ;P

  2. Phil Minchin says:

    Oh, also, there’s a Facebook page for the event – it’s not working at the moment (stupid Facebook) but if people reading this want to give it a try it’s

  3. Emerald says:

    Dear Phil. Please accept my apologies for suggesting there was a junket involved because it’s clear that you’ve done heaps of research that will benefit many libraries. Truth be told I was just feeling particularly bitter and jealous because I have never been to PAX and my dreams of becoming the dance dance revolution world champion are becoming slimmer and slimmer as im not so young and nimble anymore.

  4. Phil Minchin says:

    No need to apologise: I’ll just whup you at the Dance Dance Revolution Championships (Seniors Division). That’ll larn ya.

  5. Phil Minchin says:

    And no cheeky remarks about how many years I’ll have ahead of you to practice!

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