LIANZA conference – listening in from across the ditch

This morning I briefly tuned into twitter to see what was happening at the LIANZA conference that’s running from Sunday to this Wednesday in Wellington NZ. I noticed on the twitter stream (#LIANZA11) that  some folk from the SMART consortium were about to present a panel: “an overview of what SMART has achieved so far, what we are currently working on and how we’re going about it.”

So I followed along, real time, on the internet. Whist the twitter conversation was limited to only a couple of tweeters in that session, i think that i did manage to get the gist of the conversation, i.e.:

in the two years the SMART libraries have been working together they hv achieved: all now running the same LMS #lianza11#ws03

chief executives at libraries councils that charged for reservations agreed to drop them in order to provide a seamless service #lianza11

Future focus of SMART: Cleaning up bib database; increasing discovery options – Sorcer, Library Anywhere and LibraryThing #lianza11 #ws03

Plus a bit of conference humour, which always goes down well with the libray crowd (nice one Annette):

Q: Did you start with a vision? A: started with a phone call and a few e-mails! #SMARTmotivation#lianza11

I look forward to tuning in at some point tomorrow, I notice that Sandy from Masterton is talking about their Wairapa Archive  so hope someone will be tweeting it (please?).

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