Attention: Free Webinar – “Building Bridges #1: Principles of Advocacy”

Building Bridges Speakers SeriesBuilding Bridges #1: Principles of Advocacy
02 November, 2011
[2:00 pm Eastern/11:00 am Pacific]

Aimed at offering practical advice on issues that concerns public libraries, this is the first of a four-part series “Building Bridges” which OCLC is hosting.  Quick brief about this series:
Building Bridges #1: Principles of Advocacy
Public library professionals know the importance of demonstrating their value to their local communities. Are you looking for inspiration to jump-start your own advocacy efforts? Join the webinar to better understand how ongoing community advocacy supports the vital role your library plays in the community.
Building Bridges #2: Community Outreach
Learn more about building successful community partnerships that really work.
Building Bridges #3: Communicating Your Value
Without sufficient funding, your service to your community can suffer. But you can effectively communicate your value to those who fund your library—learn how.
Building Bridges #4: Your Library’s Future
This look ahead will focus on (1) the critical services libraries should provide; (2) services that only the public library provides; and (3) communicating the library’s future plans to the community.

Register for Part 1 of this series here.

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