Pic of the Week – Re-use, Recycle & Reduce… and Return

In support of a recent programme to encourage recycling and reduce waste, student librarians from Singapore’s Junyuan Secondary School had the creative idea to transform a plain old carboard box into an attractive, unique, Book-drop.

Re-use, recycle, reduce... and Return

The programme, entitled “Go Green” , encouraged students to think carefully about their environment and how, though re-using, recycling and reducing waste, they could contribute to its better care.

The Book-drop was decorated with delightful, colourful, pictures from children books that had been ‘written off’ (is this a pun?).

Indeed, the borrowing of library books is a quintessential ‘recycling’ process and, therefore, represents a perfect illustration of living life in the ‘green’ lane – re-use, recycle, reduce and return!

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