the presentation that I didnt get to do at the SPUN conference last week

there was a point in the SPUN conference schedule where Nic from SPUN exec thought that she didnt have enough presenters for the friday afternoon session. having just returned from the library study tour to Timor-Leste (as mentioned in a previous blog post) and being all fresh and enthusiastic i offered to do a “time filler” presentation on this trip.

as it turned out Nic had nothing to fear as there was barely enough time to fit all the direct Spydus related presentations in. so in the end i didnt get to do my presentation and i have to say it was the easiest box of delicious chocolates that I have ever not presented for.

but since i had spent the time putting the prezi together i figured that i should show it to someone, so i put the word out for anyone in the Civica Melbourne office without a better lunchtime offer* to come and hear it today.

i have a link to the prezi online presentation “Discovering Libraries in Timor-Leste” here  – it’s pretty self explanatory even without a speaker.

a couple of people from the Melbourne office missed out** so I will be doing it again sometime next week, at around midday Melbourne time. If you do want to hear the LIVE version at this time you can WebEx in. Drop me a line and I will give you details.

the end

*Kate from the Help Desk confessed that she did have a better offer and that was to see the queen at federation square, which i completely understand and respect.

**I suspect they were also seeing the queen but didnt have the heart to tell me that she was the better more interesting offer

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