Evolution not revolution part 2

I have got into the habit of announcing product releases on this Blog, this isn’t in line with the Blog rules so I should probably stop. However, at the Australian SPUN conference last week I announced Spydus 8.6.2 together with yet another version of SIP2 (version 68)

The latest SIP2 release deals with an undocumented feature of the standard that is relied upon by peripheral vendors when they connect to Spydus, we comply to the standard the peripheral vendor wants something different – just love these standards.

862 has a long list of new features, the most visible of which are the addition of facets, auto complete and did you mean capabilities to the staff and OPAC areas as well as Sorcer.

At the moment we are releasing something about once a month. Depending on the product we aim for a fairly short analysis and build period followed by a one month QA (test) cycle. Increasingly the QA tests include workflows from our customers AND some key areas are tested by staff outside the product group. The short development period is important to make sure the release is compact enough to be understood, does not become too complex and most importantly is scope creep free – there is always the next release.

Over the years this approach has had many names, I especially liked the late nineties that gave us ‘chunking’, today extreme, agile, scrum are the trendy method names. The heart of these approaches is deliver soon, deliver often. Spydus has been doing this literally for decades – long before it became fashionable.

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