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LIANZA conference – listening in from across the ditch

This morning I briefly tuned into twitter to see what was happening at the LIANZA conference that’s running from Sunday to this Wednesday in Wellington NZ. I noticed on the twitter stream (#LIANZA11) that  some folk from the SMART consortium … Continue reading

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Attention: Free Webinar – “Building Bridges #1: Principles of Advocacy”

Building Bridges #1: Principles of Advocacy 02 November, 2011 [2:00 pm Eastern/11:00 am Pacific] Aimed at offering practical advice on issues that concerns public libraries, this is the first of a four-part series “Building Bridges” which OCLC is hosting.  Quick … Continue reading

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Mobile Libraries – part 2

Mobile devices have made Mobile Libraries something new – where there is network connectivity a librarian can issue and return books, they can sign up borrowers, they can make reservations and handle renewals.  So now a mobile library can be … Continue reading

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Pic of the Week – Re-use, Recycle & Reduce… and Return

In support of a recent programme to encourage recycling and reduce waste, student librarians from Singapore’s Junyuan Secondary School had the creative idea to transform a plain old carboard box into an attractive, unique, Book-drop. The programme, entitled “Go Green” … Continue reading

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Rat Pack – SPUN 2011


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Mobile Libraries

It used to be easy.  A mobile library was a lorry or van that came by occasionally.  The lorry had a selection of books on board together with a librarian and the patron could borrow and return books.  As a … Continue reading

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30 years on (part 2) for Ryde Library NSW

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21st Century Learning – Hartford Public Library “A Place Like No Other”

What does it take to turn a 119-year-old hometown public library into a 21st century learning centre that supports public education for all ages, economic development, capacity building, access to technology, the arts and community discourse? That’s the story of … Continue reading

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the presentation that I didnt get to do at the SPUN conference last week

there was a point in the SPUN conference schedule where Nic from SPUN exec thought that she didnt have enough presenters for the friday afternoon session. having just returned from the library study tour to Timor-Leste (as mentioned in a previous blog … Continue reading

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Evolution not revolution part 2

I have got into the habit of announcing product releases on this Blog, this isn’t in line with the Blog rules so I should probably stop. However, at the Australian SPUN conference last week I announced Spydus 8.6.2 together with … Continue reading

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