Oxford Social Media Day

The Oxford University Libraries hosted a Oxford Social Media 2011 event on 8 Sep 2011 and there were some pretty interesting and useful stuff put up by the presenters around how to use social media for library marketing and branding.
Do head over to the Oxford Social Media Day Presentations site to take a look at all the other presentations. I particularly like the presentation Marketing academic libraries in a web 2 world done by Ned Potter (included below).  I couldn’t agree more that “libraries and librarians are sometimes too obsessed by process” and that we need to focus more on “outcomes, aspirations, and benefits”. And I would plead guilty to the above charge and stand right in front of the line as a No. 1 culprit.

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  1. Rica says:

    Just found out that the “Oxford Social Media Day Presentations site” link refused to work when clicked. If you are encountering this problem, copy and paste the string below into the address bar and you should be fine:

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