How to break a Kindle

In January this year I bought a Kindle for about $200 including p&p.  Amazon delivered it in much less than a week to the Melbourne office.

I really liked my Kindle and bought books, downloaded free books, used the one click 3G capability to get books in odd places.  Better still it didn’t glow in the dark and bounced off the carpet and so was fine for reading in bed.  I didn’t buy another paper book.  Bonus time when I discovered the joy of synching – same book on Kindle, iPad and iPhone all on the same page

One sad day I learnt that the Kindle does have a teeny problem.  If you fall asleep with Kindle in hand and it doesn’t fall on the carpet and bounce then when you wake up, prop yourself up and the kindle is under your elbow it goes “crrrrck” and the screen shows ½ screen saver and ½ book.

Oh well, write that one off to experience as the cost of a new screen is ~ 75% cost of a new kindle.

I finally found Amazon’s customer service line and spoke to Josephine (this has become a recurring theme as Apple’s call centre staff are also called Josephine).  I explained carefully what had happened and she said not a problem we will send you a new one as it is still under warranty!  She is even sending me a postage paid envelope to return the broken one.

The new one is on its way and I look forward to re e-inking my life again.

This is amazing. When I bought LPs and scratched them, I bought a new copy.  When I bought cars and drove them in to lamp posts, I paid to get them fixed.  When I drop books into the bath, they get wet and I buy a new copy.  When I break (all be it accidently) an eBook reader, Amazon gives me a new one without even needing me to return the old one first.

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