Amazing race, how sweet the sound…

Amazing. Alphabet soup, with chopsticks…

Pic of the Week

… of screaming students in the [shhhh] Library!

“Outrageous?” “Unheard of?” “Steady on!” WARNING: This item
is not suitable for those who esteem the sacred, time-honoured, tranquillity of  the library. A lofty ideal that has its place, but, in a secondary school in Singapore…
Nah! If anyone desires to run an effective library service to teenagers in a
quiet, sober, environment they are either a. built like the Incredible Hulk or b.
they need their head examined! A little exaggeration, perhaps? Maybe, but to
grab the attention of the teenager these days you’re probably going to need
something a little more exciting than the ‘tick-tock’ of a clock.

Enter Civica’s ‘Amazing Race’. The fast-paced, info literacy
cum orienteering, quiz and games experience that is guaranteed to excite even
the most demanding teenager.

The ‘exciting’ game stations includes “Library Rules And
Regulations” [Hold that yawn… let me explain] where students have to identify
valid library rules that are randomly posted on walls around the library.
Never has ‘the maximum number of books one can borrow’ been so much fun! “The
Alphabet Soup Game” [Now that’s better] using chop sticks only to place the
letters and complete a scrabble word puzzle. And “Melville Dewey is in the
house” [Now we’re talkin’] a portrait poster quiz on the ‘man’ himself – this recently required  the students to climb four flights of stairs to the library in order to ‘memorize’  the poster, before returning to the station on the ground floor to hear their  question!

So, just last week, with the sound of confetti poppers ringing in the
[Principals] ears, the celebrations at the end settled it once and for all –
the library can be a vibrant and fun place to learn and, God [does not] forbid,

Unforgettable, ah, and now we see…

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