The Vatican Library reopened its doors with RFID

Picture Gallery Hall in the Vatican LibraryOn this day last year (20 Sep 2010), the Vatican Library reopened its doors with RFID solutions.

The Vatican Library (the library of the Holy See) is one of the oldest libraries in the world and houses many of the world’s oldest and most precious works including priceless treasures such as the oldest known complete Bible, believed to be made in the year 325.
The Library was temporarily closed in July 2007 for 3 years of rebuilding and reopened on 20 September 2010. The main focus of the rebuilding was to add RFID chips to all its 70,000 books (library has some 1.6 million prints and 150,000 manuscripts) and to install a library computer system and CCTV surveillance system, along with other refitting work.

It was said that the decision to renovate the library was partly motivated by an attempted theft in 1987 by an American art history professor, who smuggled pages torn from a 14th century manuscript that once belonged to Petrarch. He was later sentenced in 1996 to 14 months in prison after admitting that he took the pages during a research visit in 1987.

Take a peek into the magnificant Vatican Library and the treasures under its roof via this video by CBSNewsOnline – A visit to the Vatican Library

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