A Peek Into Windows 8

Want an operating system that works on the PC as well as the tablet? You will have it very soon on Windows 8, the all-in-one Operating System. Microsoft showed off its new OS running on a Samsung tablet last week at the Microsoft’s “Build” Professional Developers Conference and all early reports on Windows 8 seemed to be pretty positive.
The 5,000 developers who were in attendance at the conference each received a tablet called the “Developer Preview PC” which was preloaded with the early edition of Windows 8. Here is a short trailer about the Conference:

For those who have no idea as to what is new on Windows 8, that a look at the following Microsoft introduction video presented by Jensen Harris, Director of Program Management (Windows User Experience) released earlier in Jun 2011. Many more videos have sprung up on Youtube right after the Conference discussing Windows 8, including the new Picture password feature, media manager, etc. Microsoft has also announced a new Microsoft store where you can get free as well as purchase new applications for Windows 8.

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