Nicky Parker ordinary* person doing extraordinary things

this week I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Nicky Parker from Manchester City Council who was keynote speaker at the PLSA conference in adelaide. following this appearance Civica kidnapped her (with her full consent) and took her to Wellington, New Zealand where she was one of several speakers at the SPUNZ conference.

As part of Civica’s committment to enabling a lifetime of discovery and learning,  a live video telecast to WA managers of Nicky’s presentation was also set up and an enthusiastic group met at the WA state library early on Friday morning to link into SPUNZ (which is where I also was so couldn’t attend the Vic SPUN meeting sorry to all Vic people i am not neglecting you, but it is much sunnier here right now…).

The focus of Nicky’s presentation was how she – the management team of which she was a part – transformed Manchester City Libraries from a flailing service that had been effectively written off as having no hope of ever being successful, to vibrant multi award winning service. All in the space of 5 years. With no money of their own.

WA library manager “Ian” wrote to me shortly afterwards, saying “It was really inspirational and the technology all worked!”.   The biggest fear of organising an international telecast is that of it just. not. working. and then the awkward silence and feet shuffling from the audience who dont know where to look (my backup plan was to get a copy of Nicky’s powerpoint and pretend to be her for WA audiences). So for Civica’s first attempt at a Skype international telecast it was very smooth. Thanks particulary to Nicole and Shane from Hutt City Libraries for their faultless AV skills.

*shes not ordinary shes amazing but i do love a good cliched headline

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