Down the Apple Memory Lane

Steve Jobs’ resignation last week got me tracking down memory lane and can’t help but sigh how fast time really flies. This is the Apple II, my first love, which was the very first commercially successful product from Apple Computer (now known as Apple Inc). It looks ugly by today’s standard but wait till you see the Apple I which is only one year its senior. It took me quite a long while to junk my Apple II, even after I have moved on to my IBM PC/1.Apple II

Reminiscence about my Apple II brings to mind that one can actually use computer technology as a quick “age group classifier”. Head over to this Timetoast’s Apple timeline page and you will be able to see a pretty neat Adobe Flash interactive timeline of Apple’s development. Can you can relate to any of those times?
And yes, the timeline would indicate that I am not that “young” afterall. I grew up in the times where we use ditto machines for printing during my school days (another memory lane …). What’s a ditto machine, you ask? Check it up yourself, young man!

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  1. john says:

    Hey Rica ,
    Thanks for sharing such a nostalgic experience with Apple…May i know why changed from Apple to IBM?..Any issues?? I think after using these Apple ancestors ,you feel very easy to use the new updates from Apple, right?…Its so sad to here about Steve, after bringing Apple to zenith he quit!!

    • Rica says:

      Mainly because of work requirements, my job revolved around the support for non-Apple environment (primarily DOS, Unix, Pick). Though Apple computers were pretty successful, most corporate environments those days still preferred the DOS (and UNIX) environment. And unlike the present, you can’t actually share documents that easily between the DOS and Apple environment, so again work requirements favoured the non-Apple environment. Must add that regardless of whether it was Apple or DOS, the graphic environment then wasn’t that “pretty” at all as graphics capabilities those days were pretty limited, e.g. the most popular game then was PAC-Man (the dot-eating disc) on a green monitor which you have to move using the keys I/J/L/M (keyboards then don’t have arrow keys). And I must say that the number of applications in the open market (by that, I included pirated ones & oh boy, it was a blooming market then) for DOS far outweighed those for Apple OS, and that did influence the decision to go with the DOS environment as well. However, I must declare that I am now a true supporter of originals and I am still a supporter of Apple, with two iMacs around the house, in addition to Windows.

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