10,000 Paper Planes

In 2010, Ross Coulter received a George Mora Foundation fellowship which supports contemporary Australian artists, and gives them research support at the State Library of Victoria. Ross wanted to capture the flight of thoughts, ideas and dreams and created this project to launch 10,000 Paper Planes at the State Library of Victoria.
While many may think that libraries are places of serious purpose, occasional bursts of pure fun such as this can be a good way to bring staff and patrons together.  A short 10-minutes is all it takes.  For the old, it’s a time to bring back childhood memories and re-enjoy the thrill of releasing paper planes;  for the young, a great way to associate library with the word “fun“; and for the family, a wonderful moment for bonding.
So why not get cracking with your library promotion using paper planes? Be creative! Get the users to write down their dreams on the paper planes and wrap the activity around some themes such as”Let Your Dreams Fly” and you could be on your way to making this an annual library activity!

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