hidden talents, #1 Kimberley from Mallala in SA

There are many hidden talents in the SPUN community, which I often stumble upon in the course of general daily conversations.For example, I found out the other day that Mallala (South Australia) library manager Kimberley Hargrave makes some pretty cool jewellery in her spare time, such as the this piece below.

For the most of this month (August) she’s participating in the SA Living Artists (SALA) festival, which has just kicked off. So if you’re in SA get down the Hindmarsh Library to see her exhibition titled Uniquely Transfused: A collection of sculptural jewellery, and embelished items that have metamorphosed into vibrant and sustainable wearable art

This post is called hidden talents #1 as I know that I could find a 2nd, 3rd, 4th …. in SPUN community hidden talents, demonstrating that our extensive knowledge of Dewey isn’t the only amazing talent that librarians posess.

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