Video Tour – Library of Congress

A wonderful 90 minute film about the Library of Congress that you should not missed! C-SPAN premiered a new documentary on the Library of Congress last week (18th Jul). The Americans had the luxury to watch the documentary premiere on TV, but you still have an opportunity to watch the full documentary on C-SPAN’s website.

The program takes you on a tour of the Library’s iconic Jefferson Building, revealing details about “The Great Hall”, “Reading Room” that you never knew; shows you what goes on behind-the-scenes at LOC; tells you about the history of LOC and the building; shows you some of the treasures found in its collections of rare books, photos, and maps. It even shows you how they painstakingly wash a document for preservation, how the library uses high-end imaging technology to uncover new information about some of the library items, etc.
Watch it here – The Library of Congress Documentary film.
Here’s another video tour produced by LOC that’s also worth watching:

[C-SPAN (Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network) is a non-profit American cable television network which has been granted access to offer coverage of federal government proceedings and other public affairs programming as well as other non-political coverage.]

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