The Library and my Daughter

Everything is online now, it’s all on the world wide all on the web, a click away from Google! Why go to the library when I can search for and research online in the comfort of my own home at any time of the day? About a year ago I found out that I can download whole books! Search for any ebook online, pay a minimal amount and own it for some just under $10.00 ( I can store the downloaded books neatly onto my external hard drive, easily search for titles and have them in front of me at anytime, anywhere. I still have my university books which I have neatly stacked away into a plastic tote box! I don’t have the time to visit the library these days, but I make the effort for my baby.

However, when it comes schooling young children, I’d much rather my daughter (now only 1 1/2 years old) go to the library and look at books, turn pages explore the different styles of fictional and non-fictional books. It’s just different when you are a child, you have all the time in the world!
There are programs for children and babies at my local library. On Friday mornings 10.30AM – 11.15AM, there is a rhyme time session. My daughter loves this time where she enjoys songs, stories and finger plays.

She likes going to the library. I feel it’s extremely important to introduce her to a library so that she can gain early literacy skills. She loves looking at colourful picture books, choosing a book herself for me to read to her and meeting other babies there for the session. And where else can you get a large collection of handpicked good materials specially for kids, but the library! I don’t think an electronic device would do any justice for a child so young when it comes to learning new literacy skills.

Perhaps when she’s in senior school, she’d make best use of electronic devices, but right now, it’s the library for her and for me, my electronic devices!

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Software Build Specialist - Melbourne Make thy books thy companions. Let thy cases and shelves be thy pleasure grounds and gardens. - Judah ibn-Tibbon (12th century)
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3 Responses to The Library and my Daughter

  1. Stephen Martin says:

    Agreed diparmar. There is a personal and tangible touch and feel in books and libraries which computers and electronic gadgetry/geekery cannot replace. U’ve got 1 lucky daughter!

  2. David says:

    Indeed Diparmar & Stephen. Even the smell of a book can stimulate the mind. The book is a truly multi-scensory tool. Check out this blog post that I stumbled across recently…

    “Real physical books will continue to exist, if for no other reason, is that reading a physical book is practicing an art form…”

  3. diparmar says:

    What a lovely blog you shared. I must say I do like book marking the pages, scribbling and highlighting text I find interesting on books to come back to later and share with my husband. Whether it’s the newspaper or a magazine, I share my interest over the dinner table (after dinner) or just before going to bed. Recently I have started to read little story books to my daughter Dela, and I love showing her pictures, and words so that she knows what words mean. I love it when she points to her books and says “Book”, prompting me to pick it up and start reading it to her.
    You are so right “Even the smell of a book can stimulate the mind.”. I have felt that going to the library or even a book shop, the smell of books keeps me in there for hours (when I had the hours spare!) reading the summary at the back of interesting materials. Look what I found “”. Check that out!!! If this is available then that means a lot of the population worldwide still enjoy physical books!
    Life has become so easy but time has become a scarce resource. My lap top is where I do most of my reading. I am going to the library tomorrow with my Dela! Looking forward to showing her more picture books, she learnt the word BUCKET this week!!! I showed her a picture of a bucket from a word book and she pointed to a real bucket in the laundry and said, very clearly, “BUCKET!”

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